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Bach Diep Lotus Package

Time: 1h -> Price: 50.000 VNĐ

Time: 1h30 ‘ -> Price: 700.000 VNĐ

Time: 2h15 ‘ -> Price: 880.000 VNĐ

  • Soaking in wooden tub and jacuzzi with SEN’s traditional medicine

Bồn ngâm thuốc Bắc và bồn sục

  • Sauna with Himalayan Pink Salt

Phòng xông đá muối Himalaya

  • Dry sauna and steam sauna
  • Exfoliation, facial mask and hair wash with Japanese soda
  • Hydro massage bathroom
  • Shaving & hair cut (Male) and hairdryer (Female)
  • Massage in group room
  • Vitamin C electrophoresis therapy (only appply for 135 – minute package)
  • Optional nutritious buffet

Sử dụng thực đơn theo yêu cầu của bác sĩ