The therapy method of Vietnam has made me stronger

Your shared Van Anh (Hanoi) below will definitely help you get a more comprehensive view of traditional Vietnamese therapy and know how this method will help improve your health status. friend.

Rheumatoid arthritis occurred in the middle of college years

My neck pain has been around for about 2 years. It was the result of a misplaced posture during the high school years combined with the regular, continuous physical activity of the journalism I attended.

Life outside of my lecture hall is the “run” moment with the event, on the shoulder is always heavy with the laptop and the camera. With that, the erratic behavior and continuous movement time caused my neck pain to become worse.

Rheumatoid arthritis has caused many troubles in my life. (Illustration)

The first is the less serious symptoms such as shoulder pain, neck that I did not pay much attention, but only a short time later the pain pulled up more and more crowded. Even then, there was a moment when I could feel the sound of rupture between the joints and the vertebrae. Even though I went to the doctor’s office, I was given a therapy and a paste, but the situation was not improving. This has prevented me from working and daily activities, which made my quality of life significantly reduced.

The unexpected effect comes from traditional therapy methods

The charm that led me to the traditional Vietnamese therapy method is, incidentally, a passing friend’s birthday present after my lament about my health condition.

This special birthday gift is the ticket to use the therapy service at Sen Health Care Center 1992. Honestly, I have never had a therapy before and do not understand the benefits it has for the body, on the other hand. Listen to many unhealthy therapy services should also quite hesitate. But after a shoulder rash recurring due to cold weather, I decided to experience a performance that was unexpected and unexpected.

As instructed on website I find the address of Huong Sen Health Care Center quite easily. The Center’s door is located close to the Central Acupuncture on crowded Thai Thinh street. Right at the gate, I was assisted by a security guard to send the car and directions enthusiastically to Sen 1992, less than 50 meters from the old Huong Sen Health Care Center.

The reception hall at the 1992 Sen Health Care Center is luxurious and classy

My first impression was that the gate was very “nature” with the green leaf, when stepped in is a space is extremely luxurious, clean with support staff shoes replacement and service consultants, Then the evening was directed to the 12th floor to use the process of Sen Bek Diep.

I heard many times about the wonderful use of Himalayan rock salt but I have not had a chance to try it, and when I came to Sen 1992 I was “in town”. After bathing, cleansing the body to remove sweat and dirt, I was able to experience the healing process. After only 7 to 10 minutes in the salt rock salts I felt the relief as if the burden was removed, the body was purified toxins through sweat glands and became more balanced.

Fully relax with a step of soaking wooden sinks and Jacuzzis

Next, you staff led me to a room with wooden baths and a jacuzzi with medicated medicines. During the dipping, I also served a drink of choice as black bean juice, cherry juice to sip, feel the essence from the skin absorbed along with herbal aroma gently in the heat The water feels very comfortable, seemingly everyday tensions, fatigue have vanished.

After bathing in a Jacuzzi bath, I was assisted by a staff member of Sen 1992, who assisted with the incorporation of rice bran, fresh milk, honey … into the body. Enter the sauna and steam bath. At this time, all the nutrients from the natural ingredients will be through the expansion of the pores that penetrate the skin, making the skin soft and smooth to see.

Especially during the steam bath, I was bathed in ginger juice to increase the detoxifying effect of the body, this process makes me feel relaxed and gentle. After leaving the sauna is a very enjoyable 3 to 5 minute ray bath experience. At the recommendation of my staff, bathing rays not only cleanse the skin but also effectively relieves pain.

The therapy method helped me improve neck pain and recovery

Leaving the dorm room, I moved into a private room for a therapy by a technician. The space in the therapy room is beautifully decorated, skilled technicians and mature therapy. I was surprised because the therapy is quite powerful and unique, it is known that the therapy therapy, using the traditional therapy methods in Vietnam. Unlike regular relaxation therapy, physical therapy therapy not only brings comfort but also therapeutic effect, especially bone related diseases.

Indeed, after stepping out of the therapy room, I noticed that the shoulder pain seemed to disappear, my body relaxed, Before leaving, I enjoyed a light snack with a rich and appetizing menu from Sen’s restaurant 1992. In addition to healthful food, there are also many drinks. delicious, nutritious and fresh fruit dessert.

The food at Sen’s restaurant was very nice and delicious

Maintain a gift for health

After the first visit to Sen 1992 I was like a new breath and really satisfied with health care services here. My neck pain has improved dramatically and no more inconvenience in my life.

I also learned more and know the prestige, professional and healthy Sen 1992 so decided to buy tickets to continue to use the service as a gift to reward yourself after the chaos of life .

Sen 1992 is worthy of a reliable address for health care

If you have never experienced a healthy, effective health care service. Come to Sen 1992 with your loved ones, friends and colleagues to enjoy the relaxing moments and recharge the energy for effective working days.

For more information on services at the 1992 Sen Health Care Center, you can contact:

Floor 11, 12 Central Institute of Acupuncture
No. 49 Thai Thinh, Thinh Quang, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 024 3222 2386
Email: [email protected]