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Sen Tai Thu Lotus Package 2

Time:  2h00 ’ (120’)          

Price: 600.000  VND

  • Buried in perfumed herbs.
  • Sauna with Himalaya pink salt.

sen tai thu

  • Soak in wooden basin and Jacuzi soaking with Chinese medicine according to Ministry of Health standards.

  • Exfoliation, hair wash and facial mask with Japanese technology soda.
  • Detoxified sauna by yin sauna technology.
  • Acupressure massage with NGAI DIEP cream – HOKILA extracted from worrowood, Sigesbeckia orien – talis.  . . ) which supporting in treat headache, reduce pain in the back, neck, shoulders, nape. . .

  • Set Healthy food Goat leg stew with herb / Braised duck with
  • Seasonal fruit 
  • Drink / Black bean water, lotus seed water,.  . .