Thuy Moc Package

Thuy Moc Package
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Hydrotherapy will be done within 1 hour. The hydroponic hydroponic program will be implemented with the following steps:

Step 1: Check with the advice of medical experts


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At this step, Oriental medical experts will exchange, learn the clinical information about the health of the customer. Based on the data obtained, experts will make a preliminary plan to help clients get the best treatment possible.

Step 2: Skin, facial consultation, blood pressure, blood glucose test, body mass index check by biological scanner.

At this step, the customer will proceed with basic information such as age, height. Next, the experts will invite the customer to stand up a scanner to help check the basic body index such as weight, daily energy consumption, fat levels … Based on the index, Experts will do some other basic steps to make conclusions about the health status of customers as well as advice on the implementation of service packages.

<strong>Step 3: </strong>Exercise with Qi gong master, relaxing in oxygen garden.

The practice of qigong, meditation in the herb garden will help customers regain their pure, relaxed state before entering the intensive massage therapy.

<strong>Step 4: </strong>Buried on perfumed herbs

After combining the temperature, grass essence plus the aroma from the medicinal plants create the grass boat with countless useful useful, bringing high therapeutic effect. The effects when soaked in the grass is as follows:

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Supports brain circulatory function

Support for the treatment of musculoskeletal, joint, and skin diseases

Support to eliminate toxins, circulation of blood

Helps to relax spirit, prevent some diseases

Support anti-aging, youthful skin

Supports cell activation, regulates sweat glands

Helps improve nerves, eliminates fatigue

Helps to help reduce fat and improve physique.

<strong>Step 5: </strong>Sauna with Himalaya salt rock

The Himalayan rock salt mines will last from 7 to 10 minutes. Rock salt will bring great benefits such as toxic waste, purifying the body through sweat glands; adjust blood pressure; dispel fatigue, reduce tension; Supportive treatment for sinusitis and Ph balance of the body.

<strong>Step 6: </strong>Skin dirt removing, hair and nail cut

<strong>Step 7: </strong>Steam bath, sauna (public room)

<strong>Step 8: </strong>Relaxing in bath tub and jaccuzzi with 8 different herb

<strong>Step 9: </strong>Shampoo and face mask with soda

<strong>Step 10: </strong>Water pressure point massage

<strong>Step 11: </strong>Light meal