Sen1992, a new and luxury service from HUONG SEN MASSAGE, HUONG SEN TAI THU VIETNAM

The past 25 years
“Down the rapids” … “ginger spicy salty salt” ..!

The dream of Sen 1992 has been suspended today in the tower of light energy of the sky, the herbs of mountains, forests, rivers and streams.

Sen 1992 will bring you the most valuable time in life is: care, maintenance, health and resilience. To relieve the pain and sorrow we have tugged for our livelihoods, because of the chaos and degradation of the environment.

With the hope and potential already, Sen 1992 again once again use his life, rising up, meet the essential needs for human health.

Sen 1992 has brought together veteran minds, advanced equipment, miraculous and wonderful therapies that Vietnam never had such as: Healing by eating, drinking, breathing, by space travel, by sky, clouds, wind, water, music, with deep paintings of thoughts about health.

Come to Sen 1992, you will bring back a firm body, a vivacious spirit by layers of herbal flavors are marinated condensed, subdivided in each cell, tendon, like the hand miraculously prevents the overwhelming of diseases of time, age and environment.

Sen 1992 would like to wish you peace, vitality, refinement and complete beauty and the beauty of the universe with the supernatural power of the sky that the 1992 Sen!

Sincerely thank you!