5-star quality health massage

5-star quality health massage
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Matxa is a wellness class, which is what you can find at the 5 star service at SEN 1992 – a completely new face formed on the foundation of 25 years of Huong Sen – Tai Thu.

What is special about massage therapy at SEN 1992?

Matxa therapy is an intensive technique, which has brought the Huong Sen – Tai Thu brand into the typical massage profession in Vietnam. A 25-year journey to the falls, down to the difficulties and challenges experienced to create a new child named SEN 1992.

If you consider that Lotus is a great mother, SEN 1992 is a lucky child with all the investment both in terms of facilities and the most valuable experience in massage therapy.

Classical massage therapy in Vietnam

All the finest massage techniques from Huong Sen plus refresher training from leading traditional medicine professors have brought SEN 1992 class service in traditional massage in Vietnam. Referring to massage therapists not only domestic customers but also international visitors think of SEN 1992 through the Tripadvisor application.

Unlike the massage techniques of countries around the world just leaning on muscle or using essential oils, massage therapy in SEN 1992 affects the muscle mass. The hands gently massage, gliding on the body in a skillful way was learned to press the acupuncture points to have the appropriate force to ensure the release of obstruction of the blood.

Từng động tác của kỹ thuật viên đã được rèn luyện bởi năm tháng và sự bồi đắp kiến thức từ các giáo sư đầu ngành y học cổ truyềnThe movements of the technicians have been trained by the years and the knowledge gained from the professors of traditional medicine.

With experience from 5 to 10 years in the profession, technicians of SEN 1992 well handle common diseases such as neck pain, sciatica, back pain, cold. Side effects are uncomfortable, customers can say goodbye to these common diseases.

Comprehensive health care service in Vietnam

Matxa therapy is the last stage of most treatments at SEN 1992. Coming to SEN 1992, customers will find themselves in the aroma of medicinal herbs in fresh oxygen, aromatherapy, hydropathy. a psychological treatment process was the brain training veteran in SEN 1992 diligently research into each package.

A body is only really healthy when the soul is freed from the secret, depression in life. Walking, breathing, eating, drinking, water, feeling music … is the first therapy in Vietnam was introduced by SEN 1992.

Each dish at SEN 1992 is also nutritionally balanced by nutrition experts and selected for each patient’s condition. For example, with patients with shoulder pain in the neck, the suitable food is goat’s leg with lotus seeds, with headache patients will eat the wormhooks.

Từng chi tiết nhỏ bên trong dịch vụ SEN 1992 đều có thể làm “xiêu lòng” thượng đếEvery little detail inside the SEN 1992 service can make a godsend.

Although eating and drinking are not the main part of the physical therapy process, this is a good thing that is appreciated by customers, which shows the dedication of SEN 1992. A 5 star service is guaranteed. Satisfying customers from the smallest details.

Luxury space, class and the most modern equipment at SEN 1992

Space always plays an important part in creating the success of each massage therapy. That is why Lotus – Tai Thu always improve, upgrade equipment, facilities so modern and bring the most comfortable feeling for customers.

However, these changes are not enough with ambition to bring a perfect space, the place to show international friends about a traditional profession of Vietnam. That is no small reason to form SEN 1992 class, luxury.

 SEN 1992 là địa chỉ matxa trị liệu uy tín của khách hàng trong và ngoài nước.SEN 1992 is the address of massage therapy prestige of customers in and outside the country.

With the goal of creating a perfect service from space to quality of service, right from the outline of architecture, SEN 1992 has been shaped as the number one luxury in Vietnam.

According to the eyelid from SEN 1992, the interior design of SEN 1992 is a great feat because it not only exudes elegance, but also ensures the symbol of the lotus flower as well as the Vietnamese in every corner.

If you pay a little attention, you will see the lotus symbol as soon as you step into the reception hall with a large lotus on the floor. The lotus motifs are also repeated in each corner to help domestic and international customers easily remember a massage therapist in Vietnam.

Inheriting the best from Huong Sen – Tai Thu, SEN 1992 is also a day to announce the inclusion of a top class, healing massage therapy in Vietnam. This is a place where families can enjoy the holidays, the weekend or the ideal address for business meetings.

For more information please contact:

SEN 1992

Floor 11, 12 Central Institute of Acupuncture

No. 49 Thai Thinh, Thinh Quang, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84 24 3222 2386

Email: massagesen1992@gmail.com



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