Sen 1992

A 25-years journey to "down the rapids" ... "ginger spicy salt salty"..!

The dream of Sen 1992 today has been suspended in the light tower of the life force of heaven and earth, the herbs of mountains and forests, countryside, rivers and streams. Sen 1992 will bring you the most valuable time in life...

Giới thiệu Sen 1992

Why choose Sen 1992

Come to Sen 1992, you will be cared for and restored mental state, bring comfort, increase energy and rejuvenate the muscles, relax the tremendous effect on people to reduce stress. After stressful working days.


Luxury, class, quiet, gentle

Traditional massage methods

Improves blood circulation

Physical therapy

Prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases

Bath medication

Blood circulation, relieve aches

Service Sen 1992

The Goden Lotus 3


Bach Diep Lotus Package


Sen Tinh De Package