A 25-years journey to "down the rapids" ... "ginger spicy salt salty"..!

The dream of Sen 1992 today has been suspended in the light tower of the life force of heaven and earth, the herbs of mountains and forests, countryside, rivers and streams. Sen 1992 will bring you the most valuable time in life...

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Gói Sen Ngũ Hành Song Hợp - Đẳng cấp tinh túy từ Sen
25 năm Lắng đọng tình sen
Liệu trình Sen Tịnh Đế tại Sen 1992


Luxury therapy in Hanoi

5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Not luxurious, but still the most luxurious with neo-classical architecture is what you will encounter in the space inside SEN 1992. Explore the...


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